Red Top Gallery

RED-TOP award ceremony is an annual high-end home appliances selection activity which is guided by China Household Electrical Appliances Association, and sponsored and hosted by RED-TOP Organizing Committee. It has been successfully held for 8 sessions since 2009, and all award-winning products have obtained good market performance and public praise. It not only shows high-end status of brands, but also guides trend of consumption of high-end home appliances.

Review of previous sessions
  • 2010

    "The man who gains high end will gain the city" is not an alarmist empty slogan. "High end" is no longer the "altar" in the eyes of the consumers

  • 2011

    Health, comfort and fashion are an interpretation about high quality life of current urban consumers. While home appliances are an indispensable important component of home life

  • 2012

    Household appliance industry has experienced its ups and downs all the way. Whether there will be some changes in the closely-watched high-end home appliance field or not?

  • 2013

    In the past two years, the consumers' decision-making power has prevailed. We felt that Chinese household appliance industry entered the consumers' main channel.

  • 2014

    The "RED-TOP" award-winning products strictly selected by the consumers and the evaluation experts will have a positive impact on upgrading of household appliance product structure.

  • 2015

    For household appliance industry in our country, "it is the best of times, and it is the worst of times meanwhile". Major household appliance industry has been in deep trouble of negative growth.

  • 2016

    Award presentation is not rest of this session of RED-TOP. The Organizing Committee will spare no effort to work together with the enterprises to promote idea of RED-TOP

  • 2017

    In the very beginning of 2017, the Red-top Award has received its 8th feast. Behind the 24 products winning the Red-top Award, what a round of new changes has taken place in the field of China high-end household appliances and consumer electronics?