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RED-TOP product selection abides by fair and rigorous selection procedures. From September of each year to January of next year, rounds of selection will be conducted through enterprise declaration, consumption survey, consumer selection, expert panel evaluation and other links, in multiple aspects including technical advancement, energy conservation and environment protection, appearance design, market influence, user experience, etc., so as to make every laurel of RED-TOP deserved.

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* The Organizing Committee will adjust the declaration categories according to actual situation each year

Technical advancement

It considers lead of technology of the products among the same kind of products in current year from perspectives from of patent, new technology and new materials.

Energy conservation and environment protection

It considers environmental friendliness of the products in aspects of energy efficiency level, resource conservation level, recoverability, noise, environmental performance of materials, etc.

Appearance design

It considers pleasant feeling intensity which the appearance design brings to the consumers, harmony with surroundings, etc. from material selection, style design to color application.

Market influence

It considers the brands’ public praise at high-end market (survey data of third-party consumers), specific products’ marketing performance (monitoring data of third-party retail), guiding and demonstration effect at high-end market (public opinion monitoring).

User experience

It appraises the degree of good taste and luxury enjoyment brought by the products from user experience.